Our Mandate

Coracles were used in ancient times as light seaworthy crafts for transportation or fishing. Coracles have no keel and are able to ride the ocean waves or skim up shallow rivers. Either round or oval in shape, the versatile coracle could be used on ocean, lake or river. They also can be found in many sizes, from a one-person craft to a larger, light boat. They are adaptable and versatile, their incredible manoeuvrability contributing to their lasting use.

Coracles in ancient times were often small, round skiffs that could be carried on the individual’s back when on dry land. On land they offered shelter for the person carrying the coracle, similar to the protection afforded a turtle by its shell. Coracles were used for fishing, general travel, and exploration. They are an example of one of the oldest types of boat in the world, often used by monks to travel from island to island in a spirit of peace and discovery.

Our vision for Coracle Press is reflected in the history of this unique vessel.

We are individuals whose objective is to publish books that are vehicles for understanding, in a world that is often neglectful of the soul and spirit. We publish books that can transport you through the depths of the imagination and of the unconscious.

Coracle Press believes in the value of poetry, storytelling, memoir, archetypal psychology, mythology, astrology and dreams. Books are vessels to carry the reader into the realm of the psyche and the imagination.

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